Dr. Denham has never held stock options, warrants, or any equity instruments of any kind with any healthcare pharmaceutical or device of any type directly or indirectly. He has never dissolved a business, closed a business, or ever declared bankruptcy personally or with any enterprise.  He has only started one non-profit enterprise which is the Texas Medical Institute of Technology which is best known as TMIT after it expanded its work beyond Texas and the United States. Dr. Denham nor Health Care Concepts, Inc. also known as HCC Corporation which he solely owns have ever received any compensation for work from any healthcare company of any type, other than through formal business contracts. In every business relationship, business partners have confirmed that they received fair market value for work performed including CareFusion described below.

In March of 2015, Dr. Denham agreed to an out of court settlement with the DOJ with no determination of liability for giving a presentation during a February 2010 webinar regarding an NQF practice that did not go to the market and not disclosing the details of contracts with CareFusion Inc., a healthcare company. As of March 2018, the DOJ attorney that led efforts against Denham and signed the settlement has been convicted of two counts of obstruction of justice and interstate transport of stolen property after being caught in an FBI sting. He was found to have stolen 40 whistleblower suits, was selling them to companies in four states in order to help them defeat law suits by the DOJ, and attempted to frame another DOJ attorney according to the prosecutors who succeeded in a conviction that led to 30 months in prison for that attorney. Click here to download court documents and click here to download articles. The false allegations made about Dr. Denham in blogs and articles are now being formally pursued through the process of being retracted.

For detailed disclosures of Dr. Denham and TMIT and a detailed history of their work found at www.SafetyLeaders.orgClick here .