C. R. Denham II, M.D.
CEO, HCC Corporation
Chairman, TMIT

During Dr. Denham’s career spanning 35 years, his organizations have served hundreds of innovation and business development teams. He has led innovation adoption, technology transfer, and commercialization in academia and industry. His major focus has been in patient and caregiver safety from unintentional harm. His most recent work is in “all cause threat R&D” which ranges from educational initiatives in lifesaving bystander emergency care that can be undertaken before first responders arrive to preventing professional identity harm to caregivers and medical identity harm to patients. He is developing innovations that address such harm from medical error and healthcare fraud by caregivers, administrators, academics, and journalists in the healthcare sector.  After witnessing firsthand and personally experiencing the damage caused by such unethical behavior, he is developing innovations that couple risk reduction continuing education to tailored insurance solutions and specialized legal and remediation services to protect honest caregivers and patients. He has founded the Healthcare Innocence Project to help rescue the reputations of caregivers and patients who are being harmed. It focuses on whistleblower protection from harm generated by corporate misbehavior and harm from improper citizen and unethical professional journalism.

Academic Sketch

While in practice as a radiation oncologist, he began teaching biomedical engineering and has taught innovation and product development at major medical centers.  He has been an adjunct Professor of Health Services Engineering at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and has had teaching appointments as an Instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health and as a Lecturer with the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He was a Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow in 2009 and a Senior Fellow in 2010 and 2011. His work there led to the production of a series of global documentaries on the Discovery Channel. He has also been an adviser to a number of Stanford University programs. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the global Journal of Patient Safety and has more than 100 works including peer-reviewed papers and multimedia productions. He has been ranked in the top 50 Most Influential Physician Executives by Modern Healthcare in multiple years and has served as a regular columnist for the Wall Street Journal program The Experts: Journal Reports.

Business Sketch

He founded HCC Corporation, a for-profit innovation incubator, and TMIT, a non-profit medical research organization in 1984.  The companies work collaboratively by incubating innovation programs with an emphasis on evidence-based threat safety science focused on reducing patient and caregiver harm. CareUniversity, one such initiative is a technology platform which delivers continuing education for consumers and caregivers focused on preventable risk reduction.  One CareU initiative is the Med Tac Global Program which targets emergency bystander care by training the public and first responders. Another is Global Threat Safety Solutions which has developed innovations to protect healthcare professionals and consumers. Past projects include those led for Google, Siemens, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Premier, and Cardinal Healthcare.

HCC and TMIT Entities

HCC is a business development incubator and has led, developed, or supported 400 product development teams in more than 50 product categories, including pharmaceuticals, devices, capital equipment, fitness, food innovations, and healthcare risk reduction information technologies. It is currently served by a network of more than 500 clinical and administrative subject matter experts from a number of disciplines. Its mission is to save lives, save money, and create value in the communities it serves and ventures it builds.

TMIT is a non-profit 501c3 medical research organization that drives adoption of healthcare performance improvement solutions.  It is said to lead the world’s largest community of practice in patient safety served by the website www.SafetyLeaders.org.  The TMIT National Research Test Bed is reached through the TMIT High Performer Webinar Series which celebrated its ten year anniversary  having delivered more than 120 sequential monthly free webinars and having delivered more than 230,000 hours of free continuing education to a network of more than 25,000 patient safety experts and caregivers from 3,000 communities. TMIT’s mission is identical to that of HCC’s. TMIT produced the 2010 award-winning documentary, Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm, and Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board, both globally broadcasted on the Discovery Channel. Dr. Charles Denham and the TMIT team have supported U.S. national organizations such as The Leapfrog Group and the National Quality Forum in various ways, including in-kind support, grants, and software. Global collaboration has been undertaken through the Global Patient Safety Forum and through Global Teams with a presence in Switzerland with experts from around the world.

Current R&D

Dr. Denham’s development focus in recent years has been in “threat safety R&D” with specific attention to natural and manmade inside and outside threats to consumers and their families, caregivers, and institutions. This Threat Matrix approach is spawning a number of global initiatives.  The Med Tac Global training program, currently being piloted in California, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii, targets the leading causes of emergency related death to children and adults from K through workforce ages and is delivered through CareUniversity described below.  The free program delivers bystander care training for the eight leading preventable causes of death. The R&D work is to develop the best integrated strategy to enable organizations get lifesaving bystander care to victims within 3 minutes and care for them until professional first responders arrive. A second major focus is the prevention of professional identity harm through the abuse of academic and executive power such as weaponizing media publicly and institutional contamination of professional records for business purposes.  A third is prevention of medical identity harm through contamination of medical records through error, cybersecurity breach, and fraud.  Dr. Denham and his team are working on risk reduction innovations that couple education to tailored insurance offerings that pay for the legal and forensic information technology services required to remediate professional and medical records after an incident. Dr. Denham is a founder of The Healthcare Innocence Project that applies the principles of The Innocence Project that has used DNA to exonerate the wrongly convicted. This early stage project uses forensic analysis of professional healthcare records and medical records to protect caregivers and patients from unjust treatment. Equally important components of the program are strategies and innovations to protect legitimate whistleblowers from retaliation and bullying.


CareUniversity is an education technology platform, which addresses a global, unmet need in healthcare. It is targeting “high-impact care hazards” that include frequent, severe, and measurable conditions that are very preventable. The CareU solutions are simple rescue skills or “lifeline behaviors” consumers and caregivers can learn through short training modules delivered over mobile smart and low-feature phones and short onsite instructional sessions. CareMoms is an initiative envisioned to help mothers with programs for both high and low socioeconomic segments. CareKids is an initiative being developed in partnership with the Conrad Foundation to sponsor innovations by and for children and their families. All of these programs are designed to serve a formal purpose statement of CareUniversity, which is,

“We will measure our success by how we protect and enrich the lives of families.”

Selected Consumer Publications

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  • The 2018 Pete Conrad Global Patient Safety Award: Dr.Denham and the Med Tac Certificate Program Team awarded for lifesaving innovation. Link
  • Modern Healthcare:  Ranked 38 in 50 Most Influential Physician Executives in Healthcare – 2012
  • Becker’s Hospital Review:  13 of the Most Influential Patient Safety Advocates in the United States
  • Patient Safety Day Nightingale and Codman Award 2011
  • American Society of Healthcare Pharmacists Board of Directors Leadership Award 2011
  • Modern Healthcare: Ranked #31 in Modern Healthcare’s 50 Most Powerful Physician Executives – 2006

Med Tac Global

While working at the Texas Medical Center with the MD Anderson Cancer Center leadership team on all-cause threat strategies for hospitals described above, the team began dealing with the daunting task of preventing harm during active shooter events. A global team was assembled, and an integrated program was developed to tackle improving bystander care of the 8 leading preventable causes of death of otherwise healthy children, youth, and adults in their workforce years. Pilot programs are underway in California, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.  Click here for more detail presented on this website.

Global Threat Safety Solutions

Dr. Denham and teams of leading clinical, operational, financial, and legal experts are developing offerings to address professional reputational liability, consumer medical identity harm, and harm from medical error and preventable adverse events to consumers and their families. Solutions integrating predictive analytics, education, legal services, and tailored insurance offerings are being developed. Click here for more information if you have been provided a private password.